Mischief wins Colorado Cup!

We went 5-1 overall, with quality wins over Bird, NOISE, Amp, Polar Bears and UNION to win the TCT Pro-Elite Challenge and $750 that we are debating blowing on a giant penguin figurine. Chuck also thought we could cash the giant check directly at a bank. [ | 403 forbidden | 403 forbidden | you […]

2015 Tryout Dates!

Open Tryout 4/25 10 AM – 2 PM Baylands Park (Sunnyvale) Closed Tryout 5/10 3 PM – 7 PM Berkeley (check back for exact location) Closed Tryout 5/16 or 5/17 Time/Location TBD Please fill out the form if you are interested in trying out! http://goo.gl/forms/SnpTDZ7JF7 [ | | | ]

Bay Area Revolution

Check out these super exciting tweets for how it all went down: Mischief wins quarters over Rubix from Arizona — mischief_nation (@mischief_nation) July 28, 2013   Mischief over otr in semis. — mischief_nation (@mischief_nation) July 28, 2013   Mischief over groove on double game point. Tyler to Adam Brown for the win. — mischief_nation (@mischief_nation) […]