The Story of Mischief


1985 -> 1995:

Mischief’s charter players begin training: Mark, Kyle, and Kevin Smith spend way too much time playing sports at the park down the street. Brynne Speizer dancing and starving. Chris Doyle running from police. Kris McQueen core strengthening by puking. Lisa Timmins qualifying/running for Boston Marathon. Keith Randall, running X-country. Kitt Hodsden honing her finger dexterity by typing.


Mischief takes first breath as a Frankenstein comprised of the most wiley and mischievious players from three donor teams: Rippit, Feral Cows, and PIMP. Rippit and PIMP die during surgery. Led by the baby-eater, Andy Mo, our first-year team made great strides toward our multi-year goal of qualifying for Nationals.


After a hemmhorage of players to teams such as Monkey, Fish, and Kaos, concentrated recruiting efforts for young players bag top prospects from teams such as Ramona.


Deepening our roster further with additions from Superfly, BLU, and Squids, Mischief becomes a contender. After learning about heart, Mischief achieves its goal of qualifying for Nationals.Seeded 15th coming into Nationals, we beat Gorilla Foot and Donkey Bomb en route to finishing 13th overall. But our first trip to Nationals only whetted our appetite for mischievous greatness.


A few key pickups, including a large speciman of the Ursus genus and a person who rocks at being a human, coupled with a year of hard work and passionate play brings us to the National Championship. A well-played game, including star performances from our Finals MVPs, David Pickett and Lori Eich, gives us the edge as we defeat Slow White 15-11 to win the Championship.


Returning the majority of the team that won it all, Mischief appeared poised to repeat the previous year’s performance with the addition of even more female talent and an Ultimate legend. But the re-emergence of a souped up Seattle team and difficulty recapturing our onfield chemistry made for a challenging season and a 5th place finish at Nationals. Not too shabby, but it left Mischief hungry.


Led by Lyndsay “Hollapova” and Mark Smith (who thought that was a good idea?), Mischief returns to Nationals with a vengeance. Shazam Remains, the team that refused to die, defeats us in the semifinals.


Sad times. Feathers McGraw returns to scheming.


A fierce and focused leadership reminds Mischief what it means to win with legs, but, more importantly, HEART, as Mischief once again finds itself heading to Sarasota. Child please. Stay tuned…


After a promising season Mischief suffered a tough loss to Bay Area rival and eventual national champion Blackbird at Regionals. Unable to recover the team takes things back to the drawing board as it heads into the offseason.


With a revamped roster full of young legs and fresh faces, Mischief looked to defy expectations and make a run as deep as possible in the post-season. With a number of tournament wins and strong showings, the team headed into the offseason with an underdog mentality and surprised even itself tying for third in Sarasota and qualifying for the USAU Top Pro Flight and the 2013 US Open.


Mischief had too much fun and is trying to piece together what happened.


Mischief refueled this year with 14 new players to finish the season T-3rd in Rockford, IL after starting the season as a Select team. We fought our way through a number of impressive teams in windy conditions and tied for our 2nd best Nationals finish ever.


Possibly the most supportive and positive iteration of the team to date, these penguins almost blew an 8-2 lead at regionals in the game-to-go, and despite ending up 13th overall at Nationals, sure had a helluva time getting there. Injuries suck.

Check out our former website for more info: http://mischief.ultiteam.org/