Andrew Berry #9

*berryMischief-filled Years: 2

College: Cornell

Previous Club Teams: Potomac, Tandem, Truck Stop

Favorite Mischievous Character: Pink Panther

                                                                           Hometown: The A! (Atlanta, GA)

Best Prank: For April Fools one year, I convinced my mother that I had put on a little bit of weight and was now committed to becoming a sumo wrestler in Japan.

What do you do when you aren’t playing frisbee? Come up with crazy business ideas.

Previous Awards: 2010 Truck Stop Most Improved Player

Favorite Mischief Memory: Kevie’s Double D Video

What Should Brett Do With His LIFE?!?! Sectional Coordinator

Anything Else We Should Know? If I wanted to, I could move to Australia and live off the dole.

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