Claudia Vasquez

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Mischief-filled Years: 2016

Hometown:Palo Alto, CA

College:Brandeis, MIT

Previous Club Teams: Hatch, Mixed Nuts, and Pleasuretown

Favorite Mischievous Character:Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes

Best Prank: Making up a twitter for my friend. Her tweeting got her in “trouble” with her team for tweeting during games, and was also used by the official Brandeis Alum handle to congratulate her on winning a championship.  Maybe that’s not a prank, and just mean.

What do you do when you aren’t playing ultimate? Make and look at pretty pictures of cells in an effort to understand how they interact with each other and their world. Maybe the results I find will one day be useful to Real Scientists.

Favorite Mischief Memory: Watching everyone crush at nationals while in lab – I got most of my labmates watching a poor quality stream because I was so excited

Favorite fun fact about a teammate: Mellen used to smoke cigarettes in college, when she stopped she got way faster and, apparently, didn’t admit to her teammates why.