Jon Greenberg #11


Mischief-filled Years: 1

College: Swarthmore College

Hometown: Port Matilda, PA

Previous Club Teams: Johnny Bravo, Shanghai HUWA, Hooray for Coed

Favorite Mischievous Character: Darkwing Duck

Best Prank:  Hiding 30+ watches all over my friend’s dorm room with alarms set to go off at random times throughout the week

What do you do when you aren’t playing frisbee? Data analysis

Previous Awards: Metro East 1st Team All-Region 2006

Favorite Mischief Memory: Playing drinking games during the team retreat and watching Sean carry Dollar around on his shoulders as he draped a dancing Kate with toilet paper. A magical moment!

What should Brett do with his life?!? Travel the world

Anything else we should know? Playing Starcraft is my true calling