Kyle Smith #33


Mischief-filled Years: 10

College: UCLA

Hometown: Campbell, CA

Nickname: Hideous

Previous Club Team: PIMP

Favorite Mischievous Character: Rally Chicken, Princess Warrior Sunya, Penguin Shwu

Best Prank: Feeding my youngest brother a fish + mint ice cream milk shake when he was 6 and convincing him that it was really good.

What do you do when you aren’t playing frisbee? Enjoying life with my wife and 2 year old daugther doing anything.

Previous Awards: Numerous Ro-sham-eat championships. Usually wasn’t picked to be killed when others played ‘Smith brother’ Kill/Marry/Sleep With.

Favorite Mischief Memory: Too many. Among the top are Paul catching the Championship goal in ’06 or Adam Brown catching the winning goal to send Mischief to Nationals for the first time in ’03.

What should Brett do with his life?!? Eat more pizza.

Anything else we should know? Always take the over when guessing when Kevin will get out of bed.