Matt “Thoopa” Heffernan # 36


Mischief-filled Years: 3 College: UC San Diego

Previous Club Teams: Streetgang,

Hometown: Modesto, CA

Favorite Mischievous Character: Hamburgler

Best Prank: While my old roommate was away for spring break, I moved all of his furniture/clothes/belongings into a room that only had 3 walls and connected to the living room where everyone hung out. He basically had 0 chance for privacy. He ended up staying there for months because he was too lazy to move it back into our room, so I ended up with a giant room all to myself. Yahoo!

Previous Awards: Red Head of the year??

Favorite Mischief Memory: Playing against CLX in quarter finals at nationals in 2012.

What should Brett do with his life?!???! He should find a sugar momma and continue to be his lazy self. GOOOO Brett!

Anything else we should know? I once did 3 shotguns in a row and ever since then have had great difficulty in finishing one. I blew my shotgunning load for life.

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