Matt West #00


Mischief-filled Years: 5

College: Las Positas

Previous Club Teams: YR, End Phase, Solid Gold

Hometown: Castro Valley, CA

Favorite Mischievous Character: Wile E. Coyote

Best Prank: Also known as the worst prank I’ve ever pulled… A friend from ultimate went to a casting for the TV show The Bachelor. When I found this out I sent her a fake text telling her she made the show. Somehow she believed it and started going CRAZY. She called her mom and her best friend immediately before we could say anything. She was screaming with joy. It sucked to tell her it wasn’t real…

What do you do when you aren’t playing frisbee? Start online businesses. Let’s talk!

Previous Awards: Solid Gold 2003 – Most Improved Player; Las Positas – Most Offensive Player 🙂

Favorite Mischief Memory: Qualifying for Nationals for the first time and enjoying every second of it!

What Should Brett Do With His LIFE?!?! Become a chef

Anything Else We Should Know? I’m the coach of Las Positas College ultimate team